Managed Services

Unparalleled Protection for Your IBM i System Availability and Security

Managed Resilience for Ultimate Protection

Protect your mission-critical data with the highest levels of availability and security through our exclusive Managed Resilience offerings. Let the experts of the Vision Solutions Global Services team handle all of the monitoring, optimization, software updates and testing of your Vision high availability and security solutions so that staff can focus on other IT priorities.

Choose from our Managed HA/DR Services to maximize your company’s uptime or our Managed Security Services to protect against external security threats—or choose both managed services offerings for maximum protection at a very competitive cost.

  • Reduce the chances of a security breach, an unplanned outage or a compliance violation
  • Free your IT staff to work on other important projects
  • Benefit from the vast experience of Vision Solutions experts
  • Enjoy the latest availability and security features through automated software updates

Learn more how each of our managed services offerings will help your company achieve optimum resilience.


Managed HA/DR Services

With Vision’s experts watching over your MIMIX or iTERA high availability solutions, you can rest easy while devoting more internal resources to key IT projects. Our HA/DR managed services offerings range from regular audits that assess the health of your environments to the end-to-end management of HA/DR configuration, product updates and switch testing. Let the Vision Solutions Managed Services team put its expertise to work managing your systems so you can benefit from optimum performance and reliability.

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Managed Security Services

Keep your company in compliance and well prepared for any IBM i security threat by enlisting Vision’s experts to make sure your Enforcive security software is regularly monitored and fully optimized. Our managed security services offerings range from daily reviews of security settings and activity to complete management of configurations, product updates and security risk assessments. Put the Vision Solutions Managed Services team on your side and increase your peace of mind.

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““Vision Solutions has the in-house knowledge and experience to manage and monitor MIMIX better than we could. They have much better experts than I could ever find in the market.”
Brad Taylor,
Eastridge Workforce Solutions
“Managed Services for iTERA gives us peace of mind. Even if we developed the institutional expertise ourselves, it would never be at their level.”
Austin Stanley,
IT Manager,
Commercial National Bank
Managed Services Whitepaper
white paper
The Managed Service Provider: An Invaluable Ally in the Quest to Improve Resilience
Are you being pressured to trim budgets or overburden your staff in the face of persistent IT security and downtime threats? It’s an unenviable situation many professionals like you face. The solution may lie in managed services: experts who can perform the day-to-day functions of resilience so the people in your organization can focus on more pressing matters. Many organizations have taken to managed services to bridge the gap between lofty expectations and the practical limitations of in-house staff alone.
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Resilience Redefined

Your IT resilience is only as strong as the weakest link in your service chain. Managed Resilience from Vision Solutions strengthens your whole business continuity plan by giving attention to all facets of the HA/DR and IT security environments including:

  • Risk management
  • Data assessment
  • Technical and service coordination
  • Incident response procedures
  • Role-swap and testing
Meet Regulatory Compliance Demands
  • Use layers of protection and reporting to support audit initiatives
  • Grow your business by exceeding industry compliance standards
  • Meet demands of the most strict government regulations including HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, GDPR and EU Data Protection
On-Demand Webcast: Managing Best-Practice HA/DR with Confidence
Best Practices for Managing HA/DR Environments

If you’re one of the 85% of IT professionals who lack total confidence that their HA/DR plan is tested, complete and ready to meet SLAs, it’s time to increase your assurance that you are prepared for anything that comes your way. This webcast covers the information you need to implement best-practice management for your HA/DR solution.

Rapid growth, unexpected staffing changes and tight budgets can take a toll on your operations. Experts from Vision Solutions will dive into the details of HA/DR management and share how Managed Services can provide an extra set of experienced eyes and hands.

Outsourcing H/A Application Management: The Why's, When's & How's
Vision Managed Services On-Demand Webcast

With leanness being more than just a trend, CIO's continue to drive costs down by shifting system management responsibilities to managed service providers and technology vendors. To be competitive today every business must ask itself, "Do we do it ourselves, outsource it completely or somewhere in between?"

Learn how to be switch-ready, how much to outsource, what to look for in a service provider and more by viewing this on-demand webcast at your convenience.