Cybersecurity: A New World
IT security is at the top of professionals’ minds—and for good reason. With cyberattacks occurring at an alarming rate and billions invested in new initiatives every year to combat them, it’s important to use the most current information to stay prepared. Over 1,500 professionals across all industries shared their experience and lead a discussion on security that could help you stave off the next generation of IT threats.

Use this eBook to form a cybersecurity plan or see where your existing plan stacks up against our recommendations.
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Data Sharing Tools, Trends, and Strategies: An eBook
From making better business decisions to eliminating redundant and inconsistent information, there are plenty of reasons why real-time data sharing is top of mind for many IT pros. Read the results of our extensive survey.
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Destination: HA/DR
From RPO/RTO standards to industry confidence, read what IT professionals have to say about their HA/DR environments in this detailed eBook.
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Migration eBook
Between downtime, failure, costs and other factors, there's a lot about migration that keeps even the best IT pros up at night. Read our eBook to learn more.
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Trending Decisions in the IT Industry
Read our eBook to get up to date on IT initiatives across resilience, cloud computing and data sharing. Whether you want to transform your cloud or HA/DR environment to meet leading business standards, use your data to gather better business intelligence, or are concerned about the future in data technology - our research will help you get prepared.
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What do You See in the Cloud? - A Cloud eBook

Who is responsible for public cloud protection? Can you actually protect Tier-1 critical applications or databases in the cloud? We discuss these issues and many more in our comprehensive eBook. Whether you are an early adopter or still mulling over cloud migration tools, we will help shape your own cloud strategy well into the future. 

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